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Professional academic editing services

We are a leader in providing professional academic editing services to academics. Our company has helped many South African and international authors to successfully publish their work in peer-reviewed journals and academic books or to prepare conference papers and presentations.

Getting an article or paper published is always a daunting task – in particular early in a career or if time for research is limited. This is where the unique value of a professional academic editing service comes in.

How we can help

Copy-Writing’s expertise and experience in academic publishing, editing and proofreading, positions us perfectly to help you get your research articles and papers – in all disciplines – published in academic journals. Our solution deals with all the expectations of academic writing and the rules governing academic submissions. We cover everything from grammar and punctuation to sentence style – and from word choice through to journal-appropriate argumentation and style alignment. We maximise the likelihood of fast and successful submissions.

Why choose us?

Your work will  be edited only by researchers with Masters and PhD degrees. The principal editor holds a PhD and is an academic and editor with more than 30 years of experience; he also supervises all work done in the company. The principal editor’s specific experience includes being:

  • a recognised contributor to a range of national and international research publications, with over 100 peer-reviewed academic papers published
  • the Chief Editor of two academic journals, during which time about 200 papers were taken from receipt, through review and revision, to publication
  • the editor of an additional 900 papers and articles across all disciplines
  • skilled with implementing style requirements and guidelines for a wide range of journals

To view a profile of the principal editor’s CV, please click here.

We guarantee the high quality of our work and if your article or paper is rejected for editorial reasons alone we will re-edit it at no additional cost to you.

Our academic editing services

Our editing services are customised to match your requirements. Our full offering includes:

  • Two focused services: Light Editing; Substantive Editing
  • Editing to a journal’s specific style requirements, with appropriate revision of in-text references and a bibliography or reference list (for example, to Harvard, Vancouver or APA style)
  • The editing or revision of conference papers or research reports


For a detailed description of our academic editing services and their associated pricing, please view the services and rates card by clicking here.

Please note that we do not write any original academic content. To find a full statement on academic ethics relating to this issue, please click here.

Copy-Writing also copy edits and proofreads dissertations and theses, and offers editing and proofreading services for business.


To enjoy our competitive rates/charges, our prompt and efficient service and our high-quality guarantee, please contact Copy-Writing today!