Report Writing

Professional report writing services

Copy-Writing offers skilled and professional report writing services for your company, business or organisation – no matter its size or function. Written communication or content is often the first – or sometimes the only – introduction to your organisation. It is therefore critical that this content is carefully considered, conceptualised and crafted, with the target audience and aim of the writing in mind.

Consultants also frequently need reports to be written after undertaking research or assessments.

Our experienced and professional writers combine skill and a good understanding of the target market to deliver a written product that matches your requirements and exceeds your expectations!

Report writing services

Companies, organisations and individuals/consultants often require the preparation of institutionally relevant content. Such clients typically lack the skill to professionally write the required copy.

We therefore offer customised writing services for such clients and produce a wide variety of documents. These include:

  • Annual reports
  • Business reports and proposals
  • Company histories
  • Corporate social responsibility reports
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Integrated reports
  • Reports based on research undertaken

All documents are revised after a first draft is assessed by the client. For lengthy and complex reports, several drafts often need to be assessed by the client.

If required by the client, reports can be written in Plain Language/English in order to promote clarity, understanding and cost-effectiveness.


We do not have set charges for report writing services. Instead, Copy-Writing offers client-specific quotations tailored to the requirements of each project. An hourly charge will likely apply and this will be negotiated with the client based on the stage of the project.

We adhere to a strict code of academic ethics and write content for business purposes only .

Copy-Writing also writes company profiles and offers editing and proofreading services.


To enjoy our competitive rates/charges, prompt, efficient service, and our high-quality guarantee – please contact Copy-Writing today!