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Company and business profile writing services

Copy-Writing has extensive experience with the writing of company and business profiles. Our professional approach focuses on the client’s specific requirements and maximises the potential for future business success.

Company and business profiles are important marketing documents that are designed to impress and inform potential purchasers, collaborators or investors about your goods or services. The profile is a concise and accurate statement of who you are, what services you provide, and how you are structured and governed. The profile also reviews policies and procedures, trading history and financial viability. Company and business profiles are thus critically important business documents.

When businesses submit tenders, a company or business  profile must accompany the proposal. Therefore, a professionally developed profile is vital. It will help clinch new business and ensure financial viability.

What we do

A company profile needs to be professionally planned, written and presented. The medium (hard copy or web) and target market vary and we write your company profile to suit the needs of both you and your company. We offer a variety of company and business profile packages but can also customise our writing and preparation.

Why choose us?

Copy-Writing can help your company succeed by gaining a strong understanding of your business processes, aims, objectives and marketing requirements. We then use this understanding to develop and write your company or business profile. Our considerable experience with business writing drives a skilled and professional writing service that will help ensure the success and recognition that you deserve.

The quality of our documents is guaranteed. If, after submission, revisions or editorial changes are required, we will provide these free of charge (one round of changes).

Company and business profile writing services

How we prepare and develop a company profile

  • Our clients complete a carefully considered and detailed questionnaire about their company
  • The data sourced from this are supplemented with other information supplied by the client, which sometimes includes information from an existing or incomplete profile
  • Internet-based, targeted research on market competitors is usually undertaken to establish and build on factors already successful in the industry
  • All the data and information are carefully considered and are then merged to develop and complete the required company profile


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We write company profiles for business only and adhere to a strict code of academic ethics. Please click here for further detail.

Copy-Writing also offers professional services in editing and proofreading and report writing.


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