About Us

Exceptional CopyQuality Writing

Copy-Writing offers highly skilled editing, proofreading, writing and research solutions to all its clients.

We understand the power and importance of the written word and how clarity, style and logic deliver the best results. Our consultants are all English language professionals. They use their knowledge and experience to understand every client’s needs and ensure that all written communications are professional and persuasive and presented to secure the most competitive advantage.

Copy-Writing understands communication difficulties experienced by some English Second Language (ESL) professionals and we are committed to providing appropriate skilled support to such individuals.

Why work with us?

Highly skilled and experienced professional editors, proofreaders and writers are available to attend to your specific needs. All of them have at least a Masters degree and are supervised by the principal consultant, who also does much of the academic work.

The principal consultant is a researcher, editor and writer who has a PhD and more than 30 years of editing, writing and publishing experience. He also holds a postgraduate certificate in Editing: Principles and Practice (with Distinction) and a certificate in Copy-Editing and Proofreading (with Distinction). He attends numerous continuing professional development (CPD) courses on editing and proofreading every year. As a published author and academic, he is a recognised contributor to a wide range of publications both nationally and internationally, has edited peer-reviewed academic journals, and is an accomplished mentor to writers in a variety of disciplines. He has notable editing and writing skills in academic and business environments. To view a profile of his CV, please click here: academic profile; business profile.

Copy-Writing has experience across a very broad range of disciplines, subjects and business sectors. It has many very satisfied current and past clients and the principal consultant has professional affiliations with both a professional group for editors in South Africa and the South African Translators’ Institute. This confirms our professional status and is a form of recourse for all our clients.

Academic ethics

Copy-Writing subscribes to internationally recognised editing protocol relating to academic writing, and in particular associated with dissertations and theses. We will not write original academic content for you; we also will not rewrite academic content so that it complies with specified scoring on anti-plagiarism software such as Turnitin. Higher degree candidates and academics publishing articles and papers must have done their own research, thinking and fundamental writing. We do not provide services that infringe on this requirement.

We also do not write academic essays or take tests for our clients. Furthermore, in terms of our writing services, we write only for business clients and do not sell or promote any academic documents that could be presented as original work.

Our Mission

Striving to deliver a competitive advantage — excellence in editing, proofreading, research and writing solutions for academia and business.